Caravan Hire

If you are wondering where to go on your next holiday, you may be thinking about all the terrible experiences you have had in the past. Of course, holidays are almost always great, but how often have you been stuck in a hotel room that was uncomfortable, or been stuck on a campsite with dirty toilets and bathrooms? Opting for caravan hire could stop these issues from reoccurring.

What is Caravan Hire?

Caravan hire is a great way to have an independent and comfortable holiday. Smaller caravans can be towed behind your car, meaning you can travel from one place to another and not be forced to stay anywhere that you think is below standard. You have all the necessary creature comforts right on your doorstep – or behind your car – meaning you can be comfortable even on a rainy day.

It is also possible to opt for static caravan hire, meaning you would hire a caravan that is already on a campsite. There are many of these to choose from all across the United Kingdom, meaning you could visit some truly beautiful and mesmerising areas. Of course, it is also possible to hire a caravan abroad that is either static or towed.

Caravan Hire Companies

There are numerous companies offering caravan hire in the United Kingdom, some offering a towed caravan, others having static caravans in holiday parks. Some of the companies you could take into consideration are:

  • Acorn Caravans, specialising in a range of different towed caravans.
  • UK Caravans 4 Hire, a good place to find private caravan hire.
  • Direct Holiday Homes, offering static caravan hire in Lincolnshire.
  • Chapel St Leonards Caravan Hire, where you can hire a static caravan in Skegness

Caravan Hire Costs

The cost of caravan hire will vary depending on the type of caravan you require – static or towed – and the size of the caravan, generally expressed in berths (or sleeping places). The period in which you are hiring the caravan will also influence the price. Caravan hire costs work in the same manner as other holidays, in as such that certain times of year are more expensive than others. It is possible to receive discounts if you opt for longer term hire, particularly two weeks or more. If you are opting for a towed caravan, the price will also be influenced by your location, as you may incur a delivery and pick up charge if you are unable to pick up the caravan from the depot.

Of course, it is also possible to hire a caravan from a private owner, and prices will vary tremendously in this case. It is important that you take some time to inspect the caravan before agreeing to hire it with private hire, though.

As you can see, caravan hire opens up a world of possibilities for your next holiday. You could spend it in a comfortable static caravan in one of the many holiday parks, or you could opt to tow a caravan and spend your holiday doing what you want when you want.

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